WoW: Shadowlands

Posted by bmiest 18 november 2020 in WORLD OF WARCRAFT

With the Release of Shadowlands coming next week our plans are set.

We’re hoping for a smooth launch but are also looking to bolster our ranks on Ragnaros EU.


We are <Sickers>
Horde – Ragnaros EU
18+, TUE-SUN, 20:xx-23:xx

A small guild risen from the ashes that was <Fel> in the Legion Expansion.
We were a CE guild during the start of tier 19 in Legion.

For more information on what we are as a community visit our website

When it comes to World of Warcraft, we’re trying to set up a community of decent players to enjoy the game on a casual to semi-hardcore manner in Shadowlands.

The roots of Sickers community is primarily Belgian/Dutch, but for Warcraft we are fully international.

If there’s any more questions, you can add me on Bnet for a quick chat.



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